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Grand Theft Auto 6 will be another installment of the iconic video game series. As we know, the Grand Theft Auto series is based on cities similar to American metropolises. Their names change. Players had already the opportunity to drive the streets of Los Santos (Los Angeles), Vice City (Miami) or Liberty City (New York). We didn’t visit sunny Vice City since 2006. This creates speculation that this is where the action of the upcoming part will take place. In addition, this part number is can be written with the Roman number "VI", which can cleverly make up the first two letters of an exotic city. The Best moment to return to Vice City is the golden period for such locations, i.e. the colorful 1980s. century.

According to Rockstar's official information, GTA 6 is about to undergo a revolution in terms of a living and open world. Communities of people are to be on the agenda — each district is to live its own life, and passersby will have their own personalities, which we will see at any time of the game. One of the playable characters could be a woman. The number of main characters has not yet been determined. Rockstar can even return to the pattern known from older installments of the cycle.

Guns, rifles and rocket launchers will be handed over to the protagonists again. Rockstar will definitely want to implement elements from Red Dead Redemption 2, where player can focus on personalizing weapons. It is possible that GTA 6 will contain such details. Numerous cars, boats and planes will likely appear in Grand Theft Auto VI. Such means of transport can facilitate the drug smuggling.

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